Tokyo, Japan – 1st weekend experience

Day 1, Saturday, already excited, even before the day arrived to go to Tokyo, Japan. All the preparations, watching Japanese Movies, TV series, Animes, and research might not be enough for what we will actually encounter ahead of us, but that made it more exciting.

And then we arrived at the airport, we are greeted by 3 good Japanese fellows that are also our colleagues, Fujita-san, Taichi-san, and with one whom we already knew back in the Philippines, Takashi-san, he had been to the Philippines already and we already worked with him, so that made us a little bit more comfortable.

Then we went to the money exchange booth at the Narita Airport for our initial Yen that we will be needing. Based on my research, cash is still important in Japan, many shops will still prefer cash for a primary payment method.

After that, we rode a train to Shinagawa station, the train is considerably fast and very advanced than what we are used to back home. When we arrived at Shinagawa, we went to a restaurant there and ate an oishi (delicious) ramen, we had some chats and then they gave us the things that we will be needing like train and bus tickets when we start working on Monday.

Then they brought us to the place where we will be staying for 2 months. The unit is in Ota city, Nakarokugou and it’s near Zoshiki station. Nice place with shared kitchen on each floor and did I mentioned already, a larger shared kitchen on the first floor. There are also other amenities like a washing area, pantry, theater room, music room and gym. Inside the building we also have vending machines which are very common in Japan, if you walk around Japan, you will always see vending machines, which is a rare thing in our country. We settled our things in our unit and then on the same day we go to our office in Tokyo. We rode a train back to Shinagawa and then rode a bus to Shinohashi, in front of the bus stop is our office already, we toured our office, which occupies a whole floor, nice open office with a modern feeling, this is where we are going to work for 2 months, with the very respectful and friendly Japanese colleagues, we are excited.








After that, we head back to our place in Ota city, to rest for awhile and settle in.

The next day, Sunday, we have our free time, we should get used to our new environment, and so we did, we go out and check the nearest shop where we can buy our daily needs, like food.





But, we are very excited to be in Japan, so we didn’t restrain ourselves and we wanted to go further, so we went to Shibuya on this day.


And off we go, we saw of course the world famous Shibuya crossing.




And then the world famous loyal dog, Hachiko.




We walked around for awhile and then we tried to find a popular ramen shop in Shibuya, it is recommended by foreigners based on the reviews on the internet, the name of the ramen shop is Ichiran.




While we were in Shibuya, we thought that we should at least see one of the many great products of Japan, in this case, the Casio watches. This is where our awkward adventure began. We search the Google maps for the Casio location near Shibuya, and then we got the direction (and so we thought), because we are too excited (we are Excite company anyway ^_^), we didn’t verify if the Casio in the map is a store. Then we finally got there after a very long walk, we even accidentally got into Yoyogi park, it is on my itinerary, but I didn’t know we will already get there at that time.




We walked and walked till we finally arrived. It is closed, and it is a big building, haha, it is actually the office of Casio in Tokyo, what a mistake, yet we had fun, and we saw the other side of Shibuya. We just ate a good Gyudon there in a nearby restaurant.




Our first adventure for the weekend is over, we need to get back to our home here in Tokyo and rest, for tomorrow is the start of the day of work. And of course, more adventures.