Inside Tokyo Japan: 6 Amazing Places for the First Month

We have reach Narita Airport approximately 5 hours of travel. Near the baggage carousel, we have met Fujita-san, Taichi-san and Takashi-san. They are the people who accompanied us on our first day in Japan. They have led us to Shinagawa Station and we had a wonderful lunch party. Then we continue our destination to the Oakhouse Kamata 260, the place where we are going to stay. They show us around and gave us the rules and policies inside the shared house. After checking in, we went to the office. They have guided us to some facilities including our working area. We are very thankful for a clear instructions specially for the transportation and other things they have given us. We really appreciate their efforts for helping us and showing us around. Those are the important things we need to know to start our adventure here Tokyo, Japan.

Overwhelmed but we have managed things on our own. And during the first month, I have found this amazing places you might want to explore sometime here in Tokyo. But first, let me introduce to you the place where we’ve worked and stayed.

The Oakhouse Kamata 260

Basically, Oakhouse Kamata 260 is a shared house rental place were private rooms are separated but all the facilities are for sharing. The facilities are very clean and organized. Maybe you can do almost all you have ever needed in your daily life in a low monthly cost comparing to standard rental apartments here in Japan. Residents can be in different nationalities but they can gather together in a shared facility to exchange and learn their ways of living.


Social Residence Kamata: Oakhouse Kamata 260 [more image]

The Excite, Inc. Japan Office

Probably the office area here is 15 times bigger than the EMS office. The employees are approximately 300 people in count. The facilities are organized, clean and well-maintained. The working areas are exactly the same as our working places in EMS. There are no divisions in each row to make their communications much better and easier. They have many conference room for meeting and gathering. But my most favorite facility in the office is the Excite Cafe. It is a huge cafeteria designed in a most elegant way. It is like a living room, comic and book library, gaming room and class room facility combined in one spacious area. And it is the place where you can relax for a moment in a busiest days of your work.


The entrance to Excite, Inc. Office. [more image]

Now, let us check out the list of amazing places I have been for the first month of our training here in Tokyo, Japan.


Shibuya is the youth-oriented place in the heart of Tokyo. It has an enormous crowd and continuous flow of people even during normal days in Tokyo. This is the place where you can find the busiest pedestrian crossing in the world, The Shibuya Crossing. This is the station where you can see the statue of Hachiko placed at the west part of the station. Despite being crowded, we still enjoyed the place because there are so many awesome things to do here. The streets were lined with shopping malls, dining sections, Izakaya and entertainment facilities. If you love photography, Shibuya is also one of the best place where you can take a good shots.


At the front of Shibuya Crossing. [more image]


The next place we have explored is the Akihabara. Basically, this district is the best place for shopping cheap electronic goods, manga comics, books and other anime related stuff. This place is very popular with tourists and Otaku. You can explore a lot of multi-storied shop where you can find discounted gadgets like cameras, smartphones, laptops and computers, game console and other electronic items. Anime-themed related shops are as popular as electronics here in this area. You can get your favorite anime character in different kinds of stuff. They also offering some good qualities and cheap costumes that you can choose and suits your taste. Otaku entertainment industry here are increasing in years so if you are in for a famous Maid Cafes and other similar catering venues, then this is the place where you wanna go.


Yodabashi Akiba shopping mall in Akihabara District. [more image]


Shinjuku is one of the main district attraction in Tokyo. The train station here is the world’s busiest railway station that handling more than 3 million people a day. In Shinjuku, there are plenty of things to do like shopping in a huge department stores, have fun singing at the karaoke shops, find some cool gadgets in electronic stores and try having a drink in a remarkable number of bars.

One time, we have decided to have a drink at the Golden Gai. The place is packed with hundreds of bars in different small lanes. This is the place where you can unwind, chat, drink and meet other people while sitting at the bar. It is a good experience though its a bit pricey for ¥1000 of cover charge and ¥500 per drink. We had just 2 glasses of drink and we left. We did not get here as we planned that is why we have no idea how we can maximize our stay but if you really want to drink here without spending a lot of money, you might want to read this article, The 5 best bars in Shinjuku’s Golden Gai.


Long lively streets at Shinjuku District. [more image]


Ikebukuro is one of the major shopping area in Tokyo. The Ikebukuro Station is handling more than 2 million passengers a day that is why it is known for the second busiest train station in the world next to Shinjuku Station. It is one of the major shopping district in Tokyo since there are many department stores owned by Train companies like JR East, Tobu, Seibu and Tokyo Metro which they are fiercely competitive to one another. Electronic shops, bookstores and Otaku related shop are common to this area. Sunshine City is also located here in East Ikebukuro. And here is where the Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo can be found, one of the reason why we went to Ikebukuro. Inside the building you will find some amazingly huge Pokemon statues, stationery, key-chains, clothes, cute plushies and other exclusive Pokemon stuff. After Pokemon Center, we went to Tokyu Hands, this is one of the best shopping center to look around since I have read an article about some interesting stuff that you can buy in this place. After walking around and making a list, we went back to Oakhouse. Unfortunately, we’ve missed a lot of interesting places in Ikebukuro because of lack of time and plan so I might wanna go back to this place some other time.


Ikebukuro Station: one of the major shopping place in Tokyo. [more image]

Sengakuji Temple

Since it is the season on Halloween, I have decided to visit Sengakuji Temple two days before November 1. Its a famous Buddist Temple near Sengakuji Station and Shinagawa Station in Tokyo. The temple is popular and known throughout Japan for it is the graveyard where Lord Asano Takuminokami of Ako and his 47 Ronin are buried. Passing through the entrance, you can see a few Omiyage Shop (souvenirs). As you head straight, you will notice a giant statue of Oishi Kuranosuke, the leader of the loyal soldiers on the right and the Main Temple gate on the other side. The Main Hall is located at the center of the temple. Here you can burn incense sticks for 100 yen before the stairs at the hallway. On the left side of the Main Hall, you will pass the entrance to the graveyard until you reach Tree Green Gate. Inside the gate you will finally see the graves of 47 Ronin. Local people and foreigners visiting the place to take some photos and give respect and tribute to them by burning incense on their Ohaka.


Sengakuji Temple Main Hall: the final resting place of 47 Samurai (47 Ronin). [more image]

Happō-en Gardens

Happō-en is the landscape of a majestic gardens lies in Shirokanedai District. It is a historical place where the area is a vassal to the shogun centuries ago. Now, it is the ground of banquet hall and also a perfect venue for wedding events. They say that the natural beauty of this urban oasis has been maintained thru the passing years. Anyone can enter the gardens and experience the breathtaking natural wonders of this place. As you go along, you will enjoy seeing an amazing display of bonsai trees were most of them are over 500 of years of age. Go around the place and you will be amazed to see a huge pond surrounded by nature’s beauty of Happō-en. And finally, you can relax and taste the pleasure of a delightful blended tea in Muan and Kakuhoan teahouses.


Happō-en Gardens’ Bonsai Trees were aged for more than 500 years. [more image]