Dropbox – an essential tool for web developers

Have you ever worked on a project in multiple devices? Isn’t it a pain transferring files from one device to another? Is there a simple way to keep those devices synced all the time? These are some questions we usually ask especially those who work in multiple environments. A lot of web developers work on a desktop at the office and then continue at home with another desktop or a laptop. Yes you can transfer files through flash drives but this is not advisable since you may lose your flash drive and this method is virus prone that may result to damaged files. But now, all these concerns can be solved by this one great tool, and we call it Dropbox.

Dropbox is a cloud storage service which gives you access to your files both online and offline. Starting at 2GB for a free account, it should provide enough space to get started. But if 2GB is still not enough, you can upgrade to Dropbox Pro which is a paid subscription that includes 1TB of space and additional features. It is also strongly advisable to use Dropbox when working with a team as you can easily share, sync, and collaborate in a secure environment.

These are some of the key features of Dropbox:

  • Take your docs anywhere – just save any files in your Dropbox. Sync files across your other devices then your files will now be available even when you’re offline.
  • Send videos quickly – sharing large files is as fast as sharing small ones.
  • Simple link – create a link to share any file in your Dropbox. After sending the link to someone, they can preview and even download a copy of the file – even if they don’t have a Dropbox account.
  • Work on slides together – edit presentations with teammates. When you edit a file in a shared folder, everyone gets the update automatically.
  • Never lose a file again – corrupted PC? Don’t worry, just sign in to Dropbox from any device, and your files will be there waiting for you.

To know more about Dropbox, please visit their official website here.