What is Cocos2D-JS?

Cocos2D-JS is an open-source game framework mainly used in creating games, apps and other GUI based interactive programs. It is from Cocos2D, made by Ricardo Quesada, the creator of the original Cocos objective-C version. It uses skeletal and sprite sheet animations, X and Y coordinate system, multi-layer formats as well as multi-resolution support for various devices. It has a cross platform format that can be played on PCs, mobile phones and web using only a single code.

It is a branch of the Cocos2d-html5. It can create 2D games and graphic applications using the built in 2D graphics engine which is runnable on pretty much any modern browsers. The JS version is maintained by Ryan Williams. It can be installed and developed on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Creating games using Cocos is pretty fun and hard at the same time. It’s fun because you get to learn new things and able to create new games, but at the same time it is hard because some functions and processes are new and complicated. It is also a lot harder to test and debug in games in general. A sample is you have to reach a certain level or a certain point to verify that there is in fact, something you have to debug. Upon reaching those points, sometimes the game doesn’t go your way and it is not the version or the instance you wanted for your testing.

If you want to learn more about Cocos2D-JS, support and documentation can be viewed here.

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